Covid-19 Notice

Dear Patients, as you well know we are in uncharted territories regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic.


During the Lock Down period, we are only providing a limited service and have put in place several measures to protect both you and our staff.


We have implemented stringent infection control and PPE protocols.


Thank you for understanding




Take a look at what we are doing to protect you during this Covid-19 pandemic!


Before your appointment:


All patients must complete a pre-consult and consent form. Please wear a mask on arrival and note that no gloves are permitted.


Reception area:


Please arrive only at the time of your scheduled appointment. Please make a call to the receptionist from the parking area to announce your arrival. Thereafter, we will call you to come into our practice. Please come alone, only ONE guardian/parent will be allowed per child or adult that needs assistance. Do not arrive early or late. Do not bring laptops, backpacks or any other items which could potentially harbour the virus. Do not approach our receptionist. A wave and smile from a distance says it all. Please sanitize your hands on arrival. There will be no reading material in the reception area. There will be no other patients in the reception room when you arrive and when you leave. There will be a 30 minute space between all appointments to allow for extensive disinfection/sterilization. To reduce the risk of Covid-19 positive patients contaminating our offices and posing a risk to other patients, we will be checking your body temperature on arrival.


Disinfection and Sterilisation:


Over and above our normal careful sterilisation and disinfection, the following routines have also been introduced :


Twice daily fogging of all areas with a fine mist of hydrogen peroxide. Appropriate PPE for all personnel and staff. A large suction device to reduce the aerosol produced during treatment. Additional HEPA filters attached to the air conditioning units.


Treatment area:


Do not bring anything into the treatment area. All baggage will be safe in the reception area. Do not shake the dentist’s hand. Do not touch any surfaces as everything has been sterilized for your safety. You will be subjected to a pre-treatment mouth rinse that will reduce bacterial and viral loads.


You can be sure that we will take all steps possible to ensure a safe and comfortable treatment for you and your family.