When you have missing teeth, we can replace one or more of these teeth with dental implants. We can also replace teeth that un-saveable with implants, and under certain conditions even place the implant on the same day that the tooth is removed.


Restoring your smile and chewing function.


Having one or more missing teeth will have detrimental effects on your oral health over a long period of time, if you do not have them replaced.


Your apposing teeth will grow longer (over erupt) and the neighbouring teeth will move into the open spaces, all causing your teeth not to fit together properly (malocclusion). This will inadvertently lead to improper wear on your teeth, Jaw joint problems and tooth fractures.


We combine the latest 3D X-ray technology and intra oral scanning to plan and place your implants in the safest most predictable way.  All implants are placed by guided surgery using 3D computer milled stents.


Implants is a two stage procedure: Stage 1 involves the surgical placement of the implant itself into the jaw bone. A three to five month healing (depending on the quality of your bone) period is allowed for the implant to integrate into the jawbone before it can be loaded with you final tooth or prosthesis.


Stage 2 is the fitment of your crown or tooth to the implant. (This is the actual tooth that you will see inside your mouth)  


We can replace one or more teeth as well as conduct a partial or full denture removal. Full upper and lower fixed dentures as part of full rehabilitation.