Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatments are one of the specialization fields of our practice.

A tooth requires a root canal treatment if the nerve of the tooth is irreversibly damaged.  Usually this is caused by carious (cavities) lesions and tooth fractures but many other reasons exist.

Root canal treatment commences with the removal of all the dead or infected nerve tissues inside the tooth, where after these empty root canal spaces is sterilized and filled with a rubbery filling called Gutta Percha.

Some teeth can have very difficult and complex root canal anatomy, with very thin and blocked canals.

To have a successful root canal treatment it is imperative that all these root canals are identified, completely cleaned and filled up to the tip of the root.

We utilize the newest 3D scanning digital x –ray system (3D Cone Beam Computer Tomography) to detect, identify and measure all these canals even before we start out on treatment.

If a canal is completely missed and unfilled or the canal is under/short filled it will lead to a failed treatment that will cause infection and pain.

We offer additional specialized treatments for more complex cases:

  • Re Treatment of failed root canal treated teeth.
  • Removal of broken instruments.
  • Difficult root canals with sclerosed or blocked canals.
  • Internal and External tooth resorptions.
  • Trauma cases and immature teeth.