Mission Statement

At Montana Dental we have invested a large amount of time, effort and money to provide you as patient with the most advanced, and up to date treatments that are available, in the safest possible environment.

Combining passion, numerous hours of post graduate education, microscope assisted treatments with the latest digital workflow and impeccable infection control measures, we can provide you as patient the treatment that you deserve.

Our patient’s general and oral health remains our utmost priority, this drives us on a daily basis to deliver treatments that has the greatest long term prognosis.

Our 10 point strategy to guarantee our commitment to this: 

  1. We schedule longer appointments for our patients. Dentistry is an art and it takes time to create perfection.
  2. We take time to discuss all treatment options and help you make well informed decisions.
  3. We practice evidence based dentistry.
  4. Impeccable cleaning and sterilization of surgeries and instruments in-between patients.
  5. Comfortable pain free dentistry.
  6. Sourcing only the best materials that has well backed up clinical evidence.
  7. Utilizing the latest digital technology.
  8. Micro dentistry – treatments done with proper magnification to ensure attention to every detail. (you can only treat what you can see)
  9. Rubber dam (see more info on services page) – to provide proper isolation and airway protection.
  10. Passion for Dentistry!

Passion for dentistry drives every treatment we provide, come and see for yourself.

Because Not all Dentistry is Equal